F**k feeling less than!

Your dreams are possible. 

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Hello dreamers, big thinkers, and entrepreneurs in the making!

And another hello to my hesitant, anxious, doubtful beauties who can’t see the way forward. 

Whether you’ve got questions like ‘What is a freelance writer?’ or you’re sure freelance writing’s for you, I’m here to help.

I’m Zia, your new cheerleader and mentor. I’m utterly thrilled you’re here so let’s realise your dreams of learning, earning, and adventuring!

Yes, you can have a successful biz and earn enough money to live with complete freedom. And no, entrepreneurship isn’t only for alpha, salsey personalities thrusting their way through life. I’m definitely not! But I still kick ass and earn big. Wanna learn?

Working a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job that drains every last part of you isn’t the only option. You don’t have to struggle for money despite working your arse off or live under the thumb of a boss that drives you round the bend. No more creepy colleagues, no more unpaid overtime, and no more building someone else’s dream. Nope. There’s a universe of online opportunities waiting for people just like you.

Every single day, over half a million new websites are born. And every single one needs clever, magical words that sell, inform, captivate, and entertain. And you could be writing them.

You can 100% replace your job with a more enjoyable, profitable, and passionate way of making oodles of cash. Say it louder for the people in the back.

Really though?

I know how it is. It seems like the internet is jam packed full of side hustle gurus telling you how easy it is to make a fortune by the close of business tomorrow. No matter where you turn, someone is preaching about how you can make money with drop shipping, selling print-on-demand journals online, and of course, affiliate sales. There’s more “expert” advice than cash in Elon Musk’s bank account. And most of it is utter bollocks. So, what the hell are you supposed to do?

And it wasn’t that long ago since I was there myself. Desperately searching for a way to make money on my own terms, in my own time.

A series of incredible events, including an earthquake that demolished my home, the resulting collapse of tourism that killed my biz, and the ensuing shit show left us destitute.

 In the blink of an eye, my life changed from happy and thriving to only just existing. It was tough and emotionally draining. 

I’ll admit, it took me a while to find a solution. I tried everything from filling in ridiculous surveys for coupons, completing hundreds of micro-tasks for $3.25 an hour, working in customer service, getting a couple of cents for every query answered, and even data entry for a pittance.

But nothing worked, and I became increasingly stressed and unable to sleep, worrying about finding the money to survive.

But then everything changed. Enter freelance writing — the game-changer.

But what is a freelance writer? Well, in my ongoing, desperate search for a solution, I came across a blog about working from home as a writer.

Even though I was clueless and had overwhelming analysis paralysis, I started. I read everything I could about freelance writing, digital marketing, finding clients, sales, and of course, how to become a kick-ass writer.

In my past life, I’d worked in the medical industry and had been involved in research, writing papers, and a whole host of other rather dry, crusty dusty academic and pharmaceutical stuff.

But this was all new.

Yet, within a couple of months, my life began to change — and more quickly than I could’ve dreamed. I chose a niche, put the hours in, found my dream clients, watched the cash rolling in, and never looked back.

But why take my word for it? If you want to live smarter and live larger, join me for no BS, practical steps that close the gap between yesterday’s reality and tomorrow’s dreams.

I did it. You can do it. Let me show you how.

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I believe…


You’re more than enough.

You’ve got the power within you to redefine yourself, change direction, and choose the life you want without following anyone’s map.


Growth can be scary.

You need to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to develop new behaviours, skills, knowledge, and know-how. 


Success needs commitment.

Creating a life that custom fits your soul won’t happen without taking consistent and logical steps toward your long-term goals. No excuses!

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Why listen to me?

Literally anyone can market themselves as an internet ‘guru,’ so how d’ya know I’m any different? 

Google me. It’s that easy. 

You’ll see that I’ve got hundreds of articles published in my nameZia Sherrell in case you’re wondering. Not only that, but my words appear in TOP publications. We’re talking Healthline, Insider, Medical News Today, Net Doctor, Greatist, Very Well Health, and others. 

You’ll also find my work on websites spanning the health industry from Diabetes UK, the NHS, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, CBD brands a-plenty, medical staffing companies, health insurers-the list goes on.

My words convert readers into clients, clients into raving fans, and fans into loyal brand devotees. My words make bank, so my clients LOVE me. When clients love you, you’ll be paid handsomely. And that’s how you succeed.

Take my hand, and I’ll show you how!

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Appears in top publications

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Built a successful biz from scratch

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Has shit tons of delighted clients

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Knows how to help you succeed

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Gives real, raw, useable info, based on real-world experience

Wanna win?

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Learn the must-have writing skills

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Build a freelance writing business with confidence

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Expert love and support every step of the way

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Straightforward, no BS methodology

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