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The secret of successful freelance writers

Woo hoo! So you need a freelance writing coach? You wanna start your own freelance writing business? Congrats, it’s the best! But it’s also incredibly tough starting from scratch. You know you need to crack the business code and take consistent action, but you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and lost.

Enter freelance coaching! It’s the way to bridge the gap between you and your goals. A good business coach will help you set and achieve your goals, develop a marketing strategy, improve your productivity, and much more. With the right mentor by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb


You absobloodylutely can build and grow a freelance writing business that makes great money and allows you to live a life of freedom and purpose.

But getting started is a challenge!

So if you’re wishing someone would hand you a made-to-measure plan that transforms your life from where you are now to where you wanna be, here’s the solution working together with a freelance writing coach.

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I know what it’s like to have all the questions…


How the hell do you run a freelance writing business?


Can you truly make enough money to pay the bills?


What about enough to truly start enjoying life?


Where do you find clients?


How do I know if my writing sucks balls?


How TF do you decide on a niche?


And what even is a niche?


Suppose I'm terrible, and it doesn't work, and the universe implodes?

They’re all perfectly valid conundrums. So what to do when there’s no one to ask? How do successful freelance writers know?

Yes, you can join courses, read books, and Google the fuck out of everything, but what if nothing feels right? What if you still have burning questions deep down in your soul or if you’d simply like to talk to someone and thrash some ideas out?

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Well, worry no more, you beautiful spirit!

Help is at hand. I’ve been there, done that, and can hold your hand as we steer you to success. I’ve spent hours upon hours doing every course, mastermind, and class that there is, battled through the trenches of rejections and shit pay, honed my writing to an art form, signed clients I love, and learned how to get results for them without losing my mind. I’ve created a valuable business and new life for myself from scratch.

But that wasn’t without wanting to quit countless times before figuring it all out!

Freelance writing is an incredible career choice, but starting out can be confusing, and you need to avoid a ton of pitfalls. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get the head start you need, find your true direction, and sidestep all the twists and turns with personalised support and mentorship from a freelance writing coach.

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The Tea on successful freelance writers

Let’s get straight into the nitty-gritty and answer all your pressing questions, like how to start a freelance business, shape it into something you love, and finally live the life you want. You’ll have all the know-how of the most successful freelance writers.

With me as your freelance writing mentor, we’ll create a straightforward, step-by-step business plan to get you off the starting blocks and into the fast lane. Each of our one-on-one sessions is focused, insightful, and packed with practical advice. So, you’ll have all the tools, tips, and tricks to win, with zero time wasted on overwhelm, anxiety, and doubt.


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The Month of Miraculous Mentorship

In this personalised one-on-one coaching program, we’ll discuss the formulas and expertise of successful freelance writers. In our month together, we’ll deep-dive your freelance writing business and create a sure-fire plan for growth and profit.

check 1

Learn the essential steps to build a rock-solid business

check 1

Discover what works and why

check 1

Attract dream clients that you love working with

check 1

Boost your income while crushing it for your clients

check 1

Become one of the successful freelance writers

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Step 01

The foundation

To start, you’ll complete a detailed questionnaire so I can understand where you’re at, your needs, concerns, and questions. This information allows me to tailor our sessions to maximise our time together.

check 1

Uncover your pain points

check 1

Deep-dive your goals

check 1

Identify the path to success

Step 02

The work

Each week, we’ll hop on a 45-minute call to go over your goals, niche, pitches, LOIs, pitches, portfolio, website, clients, tools, or LinkedIn.

Worried about discovery calls? Let’s chat. Client frustrations? I’m here. No clue what to do next? Call me!

You’ll receive my undivided attention and expert solutions to anything that’s troubling you in our value-packed sessions.

At the end of each call, you’ll receive an assignment designed to strategically develop your venture and overcome any barriers. At the start of the next call, we’ll go over your homework, then move on to that day’s topic.

check 1

Personal call time for rapid answers and strategic help

check 1

Evaluate different areas of your biz

check 1

Insider know-how, tips, and tricks

check 1

Master your messaging, marketing and sales techniques

check 1

Review and revise client work, copy, or projects

check 1

Practical, personalised advice

Step 03

The results

In our sessions, we’ll craft your plan for business success and pull all the pieces together in a way that not only makes complete sense but also feels good to you. 

In our 1:1 time, we can find authentic, workable solutions to any and all of your woes, and get you on track again – fast. So, you preserve time and energy and keep your focus and energy in balance.

My goal is to stand by your side as we design, build, and nurture a business that lets you do work that you lurve, attract and convert your dream clients like a complete badass, and get results that make you feel like the winner you are baby! Ready to live with purpose? Yes you are!

At the end of our month together, we’ll make sure you have:

check 1

A well-defined niche that allows you to target ideal clients that pay oodles of cash

check 1

An understanding of how to price your services

check 1

Insider knowledge on where to find dream clients

check 1

A set of marketing practices that entices clients to fall in love with you

check 1

The ability to communicate your value and make your business stand out

check 1

Templates and processes for onboarding new clients and creating profesh proposals

check 1

A rock-solid plan that fills you with confidence and excitement

The investment

Your investment for The Month of Mentoring is $650 for the four-week program.

Spots are limited, my lovelies, as I only work with one or two of you wonderful beings at a time. That way, I can give you the personal attention you deserve.

If you can’t wait to supercharge your biz, send me a message, and I’ll pop you on the waiting list and let you know when the next available will be. I can’t wait to hear from you and help you become one of the next successful freelance writers!

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