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This Blog Writing Course Is For You, Freelance Writers! Unlock Your Writing Potential…

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Ready to WOW clients and earn $300 to $500+ per blog post?

You ABSOLUTELY CAN with the internet’s best blog writing course. It shows you everything you need to write posts that command top dollar.

Even with ZERO Experience!

So ditch the income rollercoaster and learn all the sexy secrets to writing blockbuster blogs that attract top-tier clients who pay premium prices. Remember that when you write like a pro, you can charge like a boss!

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Boss Your Blogs: The Ultimate Blog Writing Course for 6-Figure Freelance Writing is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow blog writing course

boss your blogs blog writing course features

You’ll learn all the secrets and strategies of writing compelling content that gets read, shared, and remembered.

Whether you’re a newbie freelance writer with zero experience or a seasoned pro looking to take your writing skills up a notch, this course is for you!

Become a superstar blogging machine, baby — in less time than it takes a Kardashian to do their makeup.

If you need a go-to guide to crafting high-quality blog posts that turn heads and have clients queuing up for more, complete with supportive hand-holding, this course is your golden ticket.

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This is no ordinary blog writing course!

This blog writing course is far from your average, bog-standard, run-of-the-mill offering, whipped up by a self-proclaimed writing expert with no evidence of their real-world writing prowess.

No way!

In Boss Your Blogs, you’re learning from a top-notch writer who’s been flexing their skills in the major leagues for years.

Yes lovely!

You can find my work in high-profile publications like Healthline, Insider, Medical News Today, Greatist, Very Well Health, and more.


So, forget those snooze-worthy textbooks and generic tips — we’re talking about real-world experience and hard-earned success! This course is all about the juicy secrets, insider scoop, and battle-tested tactics that catapulted me to the top of the writing food chain.

Get a backstage pass to the methods that score articles in swanky outlets and can rock your writing career. This fab blog writing course is your ticket to learning from a true expert who has slayed the freelance writing game.

Buckle up, baby, because you’re about to dive into a treasure trove of priceless wisdom and kick-ass tips that’ll take your writing from zero to hero in no time!

zia sherrell published professional health and wellness copywriter

Find my work in:

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Life’s too short to be working for peanuts!

hamster on a wheel

Are you tired of grinding for hours and hours — like a hamster stuck in their little wheel — and getting nowhere fast?

Does it feel like you’re always running up that hill but never reaching the top?

Or maybe you’re in a frustrating cycle of feast-and-famine, where it’s 2 or 3 months of crickets for one lucky break?

You deserve more than $30 (or less!) for a blog post that costs you blood, sweat, and tears!

So quit the struggle!

happy woman nailing it
happy woman with loads of money
happy woman

I’ll show you how to take control of your freelance writing biz and start creating killer blog posts that attract dream clients who won’t even blink when you name your price.

In this mind-boggling course, you’ll learn proven techniques for writing professional-grade, attention-grabbing, brand-building blog posts that drive business results. From crafting awesome headlines and storytelling strategies to SEO best practices, this comprehensive blog writing course takes your content to the next level.

Ready to get started?

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I routinely invoice $1250+ for blog posts!

Zia Sherrell
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Hey there

I’m Zia, a multi-6-figure professional freelance writer. And no. I don’t write all day, every day, to earn that princely sum.

Life’s too short! 

That’s me there on the left. You may recognize my quirky little face from top publications like Healthline, Greatist, Business Insider, Medical News Today, and many more.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned from the masters and honed my craft to perfection. As a professional freelance writer, I know how to write mesmerising content that has readers glued to the page.

I know how to turn snooze-worthy sentences into fascinating stories. And I know how to create blogs that get REAL business results! We’re talking:

👉 Better rankings

👉 More readers

👉 Increased time on page

👉 Lower bounce rate

👉 Increased sales

All of which means more money in the bank for your clients.

That’s why I can confidently charge top dollar for my work, and with my guidance, you can too!

So if you’re ready to blow away your competition with blog posts that make clients say WOW! — this course is for YOU.

Let me show you how to craft words that make money.

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What are blogs anyway?

So, here’s the deal…

Blogs are the ultimate marketing tool. Businesses use them to:

✅ Drive traffic to their website

✅ Build their brand

✅ Stay relevant

✅ Connect with their audience and forge relationships

By creating content that’s informative, entertaining, or just plain interesting, businesses can attract potential customers and keep their current ones engaged.

And with more and more peeps turning to the internet for info, the demand for quality blog content is only going up, up, up.

And that’s where you come in, my freelance writer (or wannabe!) friend! By writing killer blogs, you can help these businesses achieve their goals while making bank. And blogging gigs are regular, not one-offs. Brands need daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts.

But you won’t earn hundreds of dollars for churning out the same old fluffy, boring, snooze-fest stuff.

why businesses need blogs

You’ll need to write the caliber of blog posts that have readers glued to their screens and seduce clients into whipping out their credit cards. It’s all about captivating content!

And that’s what I teach you in Boss Your Blogs. 

Let me show you how to get in on this blogging gold rush and start writing blogs that make massive money. 

It’s THE place to be!

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Buy now and get more value than a winning lottery ticket with the internet’s BEST blog writing course!

Welcome, my friend, to Boss Your Blogs!

A blog writing course that teaches you absolutely everything you need to know about writing epic, expert, extraordinary blogs that make you money.

This course isn’t just for newbies. It’s also full of advanced strategies and tactics that’ll help even the most experienced writers level up their writing game.

And I’ll show you exactly how to use those skills — from comprehensive research and tactical outlining to crafting irresistible headlines, captivating introductions, and engaging content that keeps your readers hooked.

Clients will be eating out of your hands!

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Boss Your Blogs: The Ultimate Blog Writing Course for 6-Figure Freelance Writing is my PROVEN FRAMEWORK

Here’s what you get in this epic online course:

🔥 Exclusive insider secrets for writing blog posts that command top dollar, even as a complete newbie

🔥 Elite writing techniques known only to the world’s top bloggers and copywriters

🔥Cunning strategies to guarantee your posts pass the skim test and satisfy readers more than a gossip column satisfies a drama queen

🔥 Sneaky ways to find wicked blog ideas that make readers sit up and take notice

🔥 Genius methods for sounding like you’re an expert (even if you’ve no clue!) with research methods to find key hidden information

🔥 Tips and tools that make writing posts lightning-fast and stress-free so you can work less and earn more

🔥 My secret sauce for writing effective, captivating titles that grab readers by the eyeballs, keeping them glued to the page

🔥 The top secrets of turning snooze-worthy sentences into scintillating prose

🔥 Real-world editing techniques that make sure your posts are error-free and ready for prime time

🔥 Exclusive access to a treasure trove of resources and tools that’ll save hours of your time and make blogging easy

Boss Your Blogs is the ultimate blogging course for content that turns heads, makes you look like a genius, and pulls in the big bucks.

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And if all that’s not enough, this blog writing course delivers so much more!

Included for Free

Bonus SEO mini-course

Worth $650 that de-mystifies search engine optimization, keywords, and rankings, so your posts get love from Google and skyrocket to the top of search engine results.

Included for Free

Slay On-Page SEO

Conquer on-page SEO with an easy-to-follow roadmap leading you through every crucial step on your quest to SEO triumph. This step-by-step guide unlocks the secrets of optimising content to rank higher and captivate readers like never before.

Included for Free

Headline Heaven

Unleash the power of hypnotic headlines with Headline Heaven — your go-to guide for crafting magnetic titles that demand attention! This sizzling eBook will equip you with the secret sauce for concocting irresistible headlines that lure readers in like moths to a flame.

Included for Free

Weighty Words

Weighty Words is the essential collection of persuasive power words that’ll skyrocket your writing to new heights This rich resource of impactful language transforms ordinary content into stunning masterpieces, infusing your writing with energy and emotion that evoke action.

Included for Free

Marketing Magic

Ready to transform your freelance writing career? Dive into this fat compendium of proven marketing strategies, from building a magnetic online presence to networking like a pro. Unlock the secrets with Marketing Magic, an incredible eBook of genius client-finding ideas.

Included for Free

Private Community

Exclusive access to a private community where you can get ongoing support, live feedback sessions, and help from me and other amazing writers, plus all the latest updates on what works and what doesn’t in the world of blogs.

Included for Free

lifetime course updates

Enjoy free lifetime course updates, ensuring you’re always in the loop with cutting-edge techniques and sizzling strategies. Stay ahead of the competition and keep your freelance writing game razor-sharp with the freshest tips and tricks to dominate the industry. I’ve got your back!

Included for Free

publish a blog

Seize the opportunity to publish a blog in your name on the Easy Freelance Writing website. As part of your final, personalized evaluation by yours truly we’ll transform your work into a portfolio masterpiece guaranteed to impress potential clients. Ready to bask in the limelight? Step right up, superstar!

Included for Free

Oodles of confidence

Oodles of confidence to become a badass freelance blogger, armed with the knowledge that your top-notch skills deserve premium rates. Unleash your inner writing A-lister and make it rain $$$ — because you know you’re worth it!

Take the guesswork out of your writing and cash in with this value-packed blog writing course that could literally change your life.

It’s time to get paid what you’re worth! 

So no more struggling for pennies — let Boss Your Blogs show you a better way to make money as a writer.

Click the button below and start learning how to write blogs that are finger-licking good!

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Learn how to inject 250CCs of engagement juice into all your blogs

Let’s take you from WTF to Winning!

Before the Boss your blogs course

👎 Not knowing how to write blog posts that drive real results for your clients. How do you move the needle?

👎 Being unsure of the quality of your content. Is it good enough? Is it trash?

👎 Getting paid laughably low rates that don't cover your expenses. How can I charge any more?

👎 Feeling completely overwhelmed by the blog writing process. Where the hell do I start?

👎 Not knowing how to make content that stands out and gets noticed. How can I write words that beg to be read?

👎 Worrying about finding relevant topics and ideas. What kind of stuff should I be writing about?

👎 Spending all day, every day writing, only to produce a few measly posts a week. How can I write faster?

freelance writer 15

It’s time to dramatically boost your income by mastering high-demand writing skills!

Transform your life by learning to craft blogs that convert readers into customers like magical machines and skyrocket business results!

Then you can easily, breezily, confidently charge premium rates, attract a steady flow of new clients, and generate a consistent income stream.

If you don’t learn essential writing skills, you’re leaving cash on the table!

But jumping in blind and figuring everything out on your own is time-consuming! You could spend months overwhelmed by endless trial and error, and still be left with nothing to show for your efforts. 

There’s a better way!

Boss Your Blogs is your shortcut to success. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to everything you need to level up your writing game and unlock your full earning potential.

Just picture yourself charging top dollar for your services, securing repeat business like clockwork, and upselling like a boss. 

Yep, you can earn more money without working harder or longer hours!

Boss your blogs way vs your way

Don’t wait another moment — it’s time to upgrade your life to first class!

Leave your old life behind coasting in economy and learn how to blog like a demon. Earnings boner, here you come!

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This blog writing course is PERFECT if you wanna:

✅ Develop skills worth an easy 10K+ a month and increase your income exponentially

✅ Level up your writing chops to expert status at break-neck speed

✅ Produce blogs that boost subscribers, followers, and sales in a fraction of the time

✅ Understand how to craft magnetic titles that draw reader’s eyes like moths to a flame

✅ Start charging top-tier rates that make you blush when you send out invoices

✅ Discover SEO-friendly techniques that make your content stand out and rule the roost

✅ Write with confidence, knowing you’re delivering the goods each and every time

✅ Take control, upgrade your skills, and unleash the blog writing power within!

It’s also utterly pucker for anyone who swears like a mothertrucker, enjoys a gigglesnort, and likes to get sh*t done like a boss.


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Ready to join the ranks of successful freelance writers who’ve gone from drab to fab with my help?

The sky’s the limit, and I can’t wait to see you soar!

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A quick peek into your new blog writing course

The course includes over 50 written lessons plus videos spread over 11 delectable modules.

Module 1: Getting Started

  1. Unleash the freedom: Discover why freelancing is the ultimate life opportunity for fearless legends like you.
  2. Learn the ABCs of freelance blogging: Get a quick and dirty overview of the blogging world and why it matters to you.
  3. Build a blogging empire: Learn why starting your own blog and claiming your digital domain is a winning strategy.
  4. Show me the money, honey: Dive into the earning potential of freelance blogging and get ready to make bank like a true boss.
grey divider

Module 2: Blogging for Businesses

  1. Ignite the spark: Explore why businesses can’t resist the captivating world of blogging and how it sets their success ablaze.
  2. Unleash the power: Discover the 7 dynamic benefits of blogging that supercharge businesses, from expanding their reach to skyrocketing conversions.
  3. Claim your stake: Seize the opportunity as a freelance blogger and understand why these business blogging benefits are your golden ticket to success.
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Module 3: Who’s Reading the Blog?

  1. Connect with your readers: Unveil the mystery of who’s devouring your blog content and tap into their deepest desires.
  2. Target locked: Learn how to identify and understand your target audience like a detective on a mission for success.
  3. Finding your voice: Embrace the power of brand voice and learn how to infuse your writing with personality and authenticity that resonates with your audience.
  4. Consumer-writing commandments: Unleash the rules of captivating consumer-focused writing that keeps your readers hooked and hungry for more.
  5. B2C brilliance: Get inspired by real-life B2C blog examples that hit the mark and stole the hearts of their readers.
  6. Business brilliance: Unleash the secrets of writing for businesses and create content that showcases your expertise and delivers real business results.
  7. B2B Excellence: Discover impressive B2B blog examples that showcase the power of strategic and persuasive writing in the corporate world.
  8. Decoding the differences: Delve into the distinctive characteristics of B2C and B2B writing, understanding how to adapt your approach to each audience for maximum impact.
grey divider

Module 4: Finding Wicked Blog Ideas

  1. Pitch perfect: Master the art of pitching blog topics that make clients weak in the knees and shout, “Yes, please!”
  2. Idea wonderland: Unleash your inner detective and discover the secret spots where wickedly brilliant blog ideas love to hide.
grey divider

Module 5: Doing Your Bloggy Research

  1. Research is the real MVP: Discover why research is the secret weapon to creating killer blog content that stands out from the crowd.
  2. Before the deep dive: Get ready to dive into research with confidence by laying the groundwork for success.
  3. Research like a rockstar: Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and learn how to research like a pro, leaving no stone unturned.
  4. Connecting the dots: Understand how reading and absorbing your research findings help you move to the next stage in your blogging.
grey divider

Module 6: Choosing the Format

  1. The listicle: Create a buzz with listicles that pack a punch, delivering information with sass and style.
  2. The curated post: Become the go-to curator, serving up handpicked gems that cater to your audience’s cravings for the best of the best.
  3. The how-to post: Teach your readers like a seasoned pro and empower them with step-by-step guides that make them say, “I can do anything!”
  4. The ‘what’ post: Dive deep into informative ‘what’ posts that enlighten and educate, leaving readers hungry for more insights.
  5. The ‘why’ post: Persuade and inspire with compelling ‘why’ posts that tap into the emotions of your audience and drive them to take action.
  6. The review post: Become the go-to authority with review posts that give your honest opinions while keeping them entertaining.
  7. The fun post: Let loose and inject some fun into your blog with playful posts that make your readers smile from ear to ear.
  8. The FAQ post: Anticipate your readers’ burning questions and provide them with all the answers they crave in a single informative post.
  9. The comparison post: Pit two powerhouses against each other and craft captivating comparison posts that help readers make informed choices with style and flair.
grey divider

Module 7: Conversational Writing

  1. The number one rule: Master the art of conversational writing by making it feel like a friendly chat rather than a stuffy lecture.
  2. Literacy levels: Tailor your writing to reach a wide range of readers, from beginners to seasoned pros, by striking the perfect balance in your language and tone.
  3. Checking the reading age of your work: Ensure your content is accessible and engaging by using tools to gauge the reading level and adjust accordingly.
  4. Other conversational writing tips: Unleash your inner wordsmith with additional tips and tricks that make your writing feel natural, relatable, and oh-so-conversational.
grey divider

Module 8: Writing Skills

  1. Words: Master the art of selecting the perfect words to convey your message, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact on your readers.
  2. Sentences: Discover the secret to crafting sentences that flow seamlessly, convey meaning effectively, and keep readers hooked from the first word to the last punctuation mark.
  3. Paragraphs: Unlock the power of effective paragraph structure to create visually appealing and easy-to-read content that keeps readers hooked.
grey divider

Module 9: Genius Tips

  1. Writer’s block: Conquer the notorious writer’s block with clever strategies and hacks to kickstart your inspiration and keep those words flowing.
  2. Write like the wind!: Prioritize progress over perfection, getting those ideas on paper and fine-tuning them later to keep your momentum going strong.
  3. Using TK: Unlock the secret weapon that allows you to keep your writing flow uninterrupted and fill in the blanks later with ease.
grey divider

Module 10: The Outline

  1. Outlines rule: Discover why starting with an outline is the ultimate secret to organized and effective writing that will save you time and headaches.
  2. The outline unveiled: Dive into the essential elements that make up a killer outline, from captivating introductions to satisfying conclusions.
  3. Crafting your blueprint: Master the art of creating a powerful outline that guides your writing journey, keeping you on track and ensuring a seamless flow of ideas.
grey divider

Module 11: Writing the Blog

  1. Headline magic: Unleash the power of captivating headlines that instantly grab attention and make readers hungry for more.
  2. Introduce with impact: Hook your readers from the start with compelling introductions that ignite curiosity and set the tone for an unforgettable blog journey.
  3. Body brilliance: Dive deep into the heart of your blog with engaging content, informative insights, and compelling arguments that deliver value.
  4. Cite your sources: Maintain integrity and credibility by properly citing your sources, giving credit where it’s due, and building trust with your audience.
  5. Conclude with Conviction: Wrap up your blog with finesse and leave readers with a lasting impression.
  6. References done right: Provide a comprehensive list of references to support your claims, validate your expertise, and guide curious readers to further resources.
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The Blog Writing Course With TOO Much Value!

This course is like a treasure trove of knowledge, packed to the brim with valuable lessons and insider tips. It’s like having a magic genie granting all your freelance blogging wishes in one fabulous package! 

From uncovering the secrets of captivating headlines to mastering the art of crafting powerful conclusions, this course is a goldmine of wisdom. 

No need to rummage through the dusty corners of the internet because everything you need is right here, delivered to you on a silver platter. It’s like the universe conspired to bring you the ultimate blogging extravaganza, so buckle up, release your inner wordsmith, and get ready to make the blogosphere go bananas with the outrageous value this course brings to your fingertips. 



blog writing course bonuses

Sign up for Boss Your Blogs and gain access to two incredible bonuses that’ll elevate your blog writing to the next level!

freelance writer 15

Bonus 1 — SEO Mini Course

Ready to take your blogs to the top? Well, this SEO course will help your writing shine like a superstar in the digital world, attracting a tribe of loyal readers and high-paying clients eager to tap into your expertise. Welcome to the big bucks!

I’ll spill the tea on all the juicy SEO secrets that will skyrocket your blog’s visibility and attract organic traffic like bees to honey.

In this bonus course, I’ll dive deep into the magical world of search engine optimization. We’ll cover conducting keyword research like a pro, optimizing blog posts for maximum search engine love, and mastering the art of on-page SEO techniques that will have Google begging for more.

Say goodbye to being lost in the depths of search engine obscurity, lovely! With this bonus SEO course, you’ll unlock the power to write blog posts that command attention and premium rates. 

This course guides you every step of the way, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO with confidence and finesse. So say hello to bigger and better paychecks!

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Bonus 2 — Step-By-Step Slay SEO eBook

Sip on some piping-hot SEO knowledge in this step-by-step guide that’s about to spill the beans on how to make your content irresistible to search engines and your target audience.

Whether you’re building your own brand or working on client projects, this ebook is your ticket to mastering the art of on-page SEO. I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through each step, equipping you with the tools and strategies to make your blogs stand out like a unicorn in a stable full of donkeys.

By following the insider tips and tricks in this exclusive guide, you’ll slay the SEO game and make your mark as a standout content creator!

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Bonus 3 — Power Words eBook

Get ready to wield the power of words like a language ninja with your exclusive Power Words Swipe File. This bonus is your secret weapon for captivating readers, igniting emotions, and making your blog posts pack a punch that leaves a lasting impact.

Inside this treasure trove of linguistic brilliance, you’ll find an arsenal of carefully curated power words that will take your writing from good to mind-blowingly extraordinary. We’re talking about words that grab attention, trigger curiosity, and compel readers to take action, like a flock of seagulls chasing a bag of hot chips.

Whether you’re a blogging wizard or a word-slinging newbie, this swipe file is your golden ticket to crafting content that stands out from the sea of sameness. So infuse your writing with a touch of enchantment and make your blogs radiate charisma and magnetism like a Hollywood A-lister on the red carpet. 

With this bonus in your writing arsenal, you’ll have the key to crafting content that captivates, inspires, and drives results like a mic-drop maestro, leaving your audience begging for an encore.

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Bonus 4 — Headline Heaven eBook

Ascend to headline nirvana with my Headline Heaven eBook, your ultimate guide to crafting click-worthy, attention-grabbing headlines.

Inside this heavenly eBook, I’ve gathered the holy grail of headline formulas and a treasure trove of inspiring examples. Say goodbye to lackluster headlines that fall flatter than an air mattress on a camping trip, and get ready to unleash headline magic that’ll have readers clicking faster than you can say “instant obsession.” It’s like having a direct line to the brain’s attention center, bypassing the noise and capturing hearts and clicks.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you by compiling tried-and-true formulas that guarantee click-worthy headlines. From the “Ultimate List” to the “Fearless Question,” these formulas will become your secret weapons, ensuring your headlines pack a punch that resonates with your audience and leaves them hungry for more.

But that’s not all, my blogging genius! You’ll find this eBook packed with a celestial collection of real-world examples that will ignite your creative spark and have your headline game reaching heavenly heights. You’ll discover how industry leaders captivate their readers with headline brilliance, and gain the inspiration needed to craft your own click-worthy masterpieces.

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Bonus 5 — Marketing Magic eBook

Congratulations, oh mighty blogging behemoth! You’ve sharpened your skills, written your heart out, and now you’re ready to transform your blogging prowess into cold, hard cash. 

It’s time to channel your inner marketing maestro and take the freelance writing world by storm.

Within the pages of this handy-dandy eBook, I’ll be your guide, sharing marketing tips and tricks that are hotter than the hinges of hell. We’ll dive deep into the strategies that will put you in front of potential clients’ eyeballs and have them scrambling to work with you. Because let’s face it, being an expert blogger is only half the battle. You need to strut your stuff, build your brand, and make clients weak at the knees with anticipation. 

Get ready to unleash your marketing magic, my friend!

From exploring the power of a captivating website that showcases your unique writing style and irresistible offers to delving into the world of social media and creating a magnetic presence that leaves a lasting impression, this lil’ book has it all. I’ll teach you the tricks of the trade that’ll make clients flock to your virtual doorstep.

And let’s not forget about networking, pitching, emailing, guest blogging, and all the other ways to shamelessly promote yourself like a boss! In the wild world of freelance writing, networking and cold emailing can be your secret weapons for unlocking doors to exciting opportunities and landing those dream clients.

With these powerful tools in your arsenal, you’ll be unstoppable in your quest to attract high-paying clients and make your mark in the world of freelance writing. Let’s make it happen!

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freelance writer 07

The Blogging Revolution — Learning a High-Income Skill Can Transform Your Life

Brace yourself for a life of freedom, where you call the shots, work on your own terms, and make bank while doing what you love!

When you master the art of blogging, you open doors to a world of possibilities. Imagine a life where you have the freedom to work on your own terms, be your own boss, and choose when and where you work. Say goodbye to the monotonous 9-to-5 grind and hello to a lifestyle of flexibility, where your time is truly your own.

Blogging can transform your financial reality. You can replace your full-time income while working part-time hours AT HOME! It’s like having your cake and eating it, too, with an extra side of cold, hard, cash.

But here’s the best part — money alone doesn’t bring true fullfillment. Blogging allows you to pursue your passions, share your unique skills with the world, and make a positive impact on others. It’s a creative outlet that brings joy and a sense of purpose. When you do what you love AND get paid for it, happiness is the icing on the cake.

So, it’s time to seize this opportunity and embark on a journey that can change your life. With blogging as your high-income skill, you can unlock the freedom to live life on your own terms, the riches to fuel your dreams, and the happiness that comes from pursuing your passions. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours. It’s time to break free from the nine-to-five shackles, my friend. Are you ready to take the leap?

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