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My epic eBook tells you EVERYTHING you need to earn consistent five figures a month with freelance writing. And yes! That’s from scratch with bugger all experience!

You’ll learn:

  • Why freelance writing is the lucrative business you’ve been dreaming of.
    The types of writing that make big bucks and how you can confidently choose a niche.
  • How to create drool-worthy writing samples that magnetise money.
    My proven formula for finding superstar clients you love working with.
  • How to consistently land high-paying gigs, even if you’re a clueless newbie with no experience.

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Hello you superstar!

I’m Zia, your new cheerleader and mentor. I’m utterly thrilled you’re here so let’s get crackin’ on your dreams of learning, earning, and adventuring!

Also an expert copywriter and successful biz owner, I’m now your new and utterly fabulous mentor too. Let me help you fuck the fear as you break into the world of entrepreneurship and freelance writing.

Building a biz from the ground up is a massive challenge and you’ll have to navigate endless bullshit advice while working out your next steps. It’s a jungle out there, but I’m here to demystify the whole process and hold your hand as you build a knockout biz that brings the big bucks.

Yes, you can 100% replace your job with a more enjoyable, profitable, and passionate way of making oodles of cash. So let’s do this!