Content Writing Tools and Resources

Every freelance writer needs an arsenal of content writing tools to help them produce top-notch work. Here are some of my faves, from free images to invoicing tools and a whole lot more. Get in!



Don’t let poor grammar hold you back. Use Grammarly for a quick fix to any copy. Not only  does it highlight and offer solutions for grammar and spelling errors, but it provides explanations for grammar rules, so you can correct your errors, and learn from them.

Hemmingway app

You can improve your writing with The Hemingway App. It doesn’t focus on spelling and grammatical errors, rather it looks at sentence structure and readability.

Pro Writing Aid

A popular alternative to Grammarly that lets you edit faster, fix style issues, correct errors, and learn grammar rules as you go. Plus, it integrates into Microsoft Word, Google chrome, Google Docs, and some others.

Acronym Finder

WTH does this BS mean? LOL. Clueless as to the meaning of an acronym? No worries with this resource of more than 5 million acronyms and abbreviations. BRB, off to investigate!

OneLook Dictionary Search

OneLook has 5 million words gathered from over 900 online dictionaries in its search engine of words and phrases. Need a definition or related words? Look no further. A great feature is that if you’re not sure how to spell something, give it a go and OneLook will offer suggestions to help you find the correct spelling. 

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

A headline that magnetically attracts readers’ eyes is critical. Use Headline Analyzer to check your headline’s score, and see if it needs any tweaks. You’ll see how many common, uncommon, powerful, and emotional words you’ve crammed into the title and it provides tips for improvement.


Plagiarism is a huge no-no. You’d also be surprised how easy it is to accidently write the same thing as someone else, especially on a common topic that’s been covered a thousand times. So check your work with Copyscape and feel confident that it’s original and unique.

Make your website look sexy and add value to client work with profesh photos. Here are some of my fave options for free images.


Free Images




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There’s a hella lot to deal with when you start your new biz, right? Thankfully, with tools like Freshbooks, dealing with the financial side of things is a whole lot easier. You get a sexy dashboard that makes invoicing and managing your biz finances super easy.


Honey Book

HoneyBook is a client management tool that’s ideal for freelancers to manage and process payments, bookings, contracts, and tons of other stuff. And it’s cheaper than Freshbooks. 



Need a face to face chat without needing to leave the house? Zoom’s here to help with its highly-rated video meeting platform that lets you bring up to 1,000 people into the same space. Cool huh?

Whenever you need to find an email, Hunter can search through millions of web pages to find the biz info you need. Plus, they categorise material that isn’t in any other database.



I seriously don’t know what I would do without Canva. I freaking love this tool. I make all my social graphics, website images, blog piccies and more with this epic tool. Even for peeps with zero design skills, it’s a breeze.

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Evernote helps you and arrange the ideas that are filling your noggin. It’s designed for note taking, organising, task management, and archiving. You can fill it with words, drawings, photographs, audio, or stuff you’ve saved from the web.



Need tons of space to save and organise all your important docs? Using Dropbox means you can get your hands on all of your documents from any device and collaborate with others.



Writing a novel or short stories? Then this free writing software let’s you organise your plot and character development with zero hassle. You can organise by scenes, and drag and drop those bad boys to rearrange your writing any way you want. Plus, there’s all sort of stats and data.



Free writing software brainstorming and expanding your ideas. No matter the project, you can capture your ideas and think up new ones by triggering associations. MindMeister offers the flexibility to organise and share ideas too.



Unclutter your mind, organise your life, and have fun while you do it. Well maybe not that much fun, but this is a great alternative to plain ‘ole pen and paper. And it means you can stifle overwhelm by getting all those tasks out of your head and onto your list .

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