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You could be earning $5,000, $10,000, or even $15,000 per month by this time next year!

Learn how to transform your life with freelance writing, even with no education and zero experience.

Unleash Your Money-Making Mojo!

image of wendy wanging the wonga

You could be earning $5,000, $10,000, or even $15,000 per month by this time next year!

Learn how to transform your life with freelance writing, even with no education and zero experience.

The Email Copywriter’s Guide to Inbox Influence

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Becoming an email copywriter is an impressive string to your bow. Why? Because in a world where digital trends come and go faster than a meme on Twitter, one strategy consistently outperforms the rest: email marketing.  In fact, for every $1 you spend on sending out emails, you’ll make around $36. Not bad, right!?

But what exactly is email marketing, and why does it deserve the MVP title in the digital marketing world? It’s the art (and science) of using emails to not just reach out to customers but to create a thriving community around your brand. From personalised promotions to invaluable content that solves real-world problems, emails let you speak directly to your audience in their space, on their time. 

And the best part?

It’s all measurable. Click-through rates, engagement levels, conversions – you name it, you can track it. That’s why great emails keep on giving, and you can make great money as an email copywriter. 

Not only that, but an email list is yours for keepsies. While social media platforms are like rented spaces where algorithms and policies change quicker than you can double-tap, an email list is like owning a prime piece of digital real estate. It’s a direct line to your audience that you control, with no intermediary or pesky algorithm deciding who sees your content and when.

This is why brands, a.k.a. your clients, lurve a successful email. And that’s why you should add it to your writer’s toolbox. Wanna learn more? Here we go!

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Why email marketing is your new BFF

Let me paint the picture for you: Email marketing is like that ride-or-die friend, the one who’s always there, rain or shine, reliable as hell, and knows you better than anyone else. In the ever-shifting sands of the digital age, where new platforms and trends pop up overnight like mushrooms after rain, compelling emails prove time and again it’s the best way to whisper sweet nothings (or loud somethings) into your audience’s inbox.

Enjoy the inbox VIP treatment

This isn’t just about sending messages; it’s about using email copy to create a personal connection in a world starving for authenticity. When you craft compelling emails, you cut through the noise of social media, bypass the fleeting attention spans, and land directly in a place where your audience is most receptive — their inbox. It’s that private conversation in the middle of a crowded party. Everyone else might be shouting to be heard, but you’re there, speaking directly into your audience’s ear, and, woo, they’re listening!

Send a personalised, handwritten note in the age of DMs

But email marketing isn’t just about hitting ‘send’ and hoping for the best — it’s about crafting your message with the precision of a tailor fitting a bespoke suit. 

With email, you’re not throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Oh no, you’re serving up a gourmet meal perfectly tailored to each guest’s taste. You can slice and dice your list, whip up custom content, and ensure every email you send out feels like a personal note penned just for them. 

It’s the difference between a mass-produced greeting card and a heartfelt, handwritten note. One might get a little smile, but the other? That’s felt deeply. 

Get the lowdown on your audience with analytics 

Moreover, email marketing is your analytical ally, providing invaluable insights into what your audience loves, hates, and everything in between. Open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates help you understand the heartbeat of the business. They tell you what works, what doesn’t, and what moves to make next. It’s like having a crystal ball, but better because it’s backed by data.

Harness the magic of autoresponders

Imagine having a kick-ass assistant who knows exactly when to send out your emails, follow up with your subscribers, and even segment your list based on their interactions — all while you’re sipping a cuppa or plotting your next big move. That’s the power of autoresponders. 

These clever tools ensure your message hits the mark every time, with minimal input from you. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and letting technology do the heavy lifting so you can reap the rewards without breaking a sweat.

Start conversations and build lasting relationships.

Yep, with emails, you can build a foundation of loyal subscribers. These folks are genuinely excited to see your name pop up in their inbox, ready to engage with your content, and, when the stars align, become champions of your business. Impressive, right?

Now you know why sales emails are sooo delish, where to start?

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Start by setting the stage with goals

You’ve got a client. They’re an eager beaver and want you to start on their email campaign right now! Fabulous! But where to start?

You have to kick off with some serious goal-setting action. Diving into the email copywriting pool without a clear plan is like setting off on a road trip into the mountains without offline Google Maps installed — exciting, sure, but you might just end up lost in the middle of somewhere that resembles the Blair Witch Project. Not so great.

Think about the big dream. Is it pumping up sales numbers, creating a fan club of loyal followers, or maybe ballooning their list? Time to pick your goal.

This mission of yours? It’s not about firing off emails into the void. It’s about sending the right emails so the recipient feels like they’ve struck digital gold. Whether you’re aiming to educate, entertain, or sell, it’s all about aligning those emails with your end game.

Bottom line? Setting goals is the cornerstone of your email marketing empire. It’s what turns your campaign from a wild guess into a precision strike. So, take a beat to think about what you really want to achieve.

WTF to write, though, as an email copywriter?

Now you know the value of emails, and you’ve decided on the campaign’s goal. But WTF to write so your emails don’t just end up as digital landfill?

The golden rule? Ditch the sales pitch. The best emails should dish out tasty tips and tidbits of info that interest the reader. You can find out what’ll click with them by doing some research. What’s keeping them up at night? What problems do they have? What solutions do they need? Serve your potential customers some piping hot, problem-solving conversational content that makes them feel seen and understood. Let’s resonate with them!

It’s okay to sneak in some cheeky promos amidst all that wisdom. Think subtle nudges about that shiny new product or service, a casual reminder of your “you’d be mad to miss it” loyalty program, or those exclusive deals that make your subscribers feel like VIPs at a secret gig. It’s your “thank you” for their loyalty, wrapped up in a bow of exclusivity.

Now, about your email’s look and feel – nobody’s got time for War and Peace. Keep it snappy when you’re writing an email! Carve your content into bite-sized pieces that even the busiest of bees can buzz through. Short paragraphs, bullet points, maybe even just a punchy sentence or two. It’s about making your email the snack they can’t wait to devour, not the homework they keep putting off.

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Growing an email list — time to upsell!

As a freelance email copywriter, you’re more than a writer — you’re a growth catalyst for your clients. You can offer various services to not only jazz up your clients’ subscriber numbers but also sprinkle some extra gold dust on your invoices. Win-win right?

Here’s what you could upsell:

  • Email sequences: After the initial sign-up, the journey has just begun. Propose writing a series of welcome emails that nurture new readers, introduce them to the brand, and guide them gently towards that first “aha!” moment. Then, of course, there are promo emails for products and services. And for inactive peeps, propose writing re-engagement campaigns that reignite interest and bring them back into the fold.
  • Content upgrades: Offer to create irresistible content upgrades, a.k.a. lead magnets like cheat sheets, checklists, or eBooks that readers can access in exchange for their email. This boosts the value of existing content and gives visitors a compelling reason to subscribe.
  • Landing page copywriting: A landing page or sales page is often the first impression potential subscribers have. Offer to craft compelling, conversion-focused landing page copy highlighting the benefits of joining the email list, effectively turning casual browsers into committed fans.
  • Blog content: Enhance your blog writing services by integrating strategic sign-up prompts within the content. It could be as simple as embedding newsletter sign-up forms within high-performing articles or creating content to funnel readers towards the “subscribe” button.

By offering additional services, you’re becoming an indispensable part of your client’s growth strategy, increasing your value as a freelance writer and opening up new revenue streams for your biz.

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Test and test again

As an email copywriter, you may or may not have access to email testing analytics. It’s something you’ll need to chat about with your client. But WTF is it?

Email testing is your own personal science experiment, but instead of Bunsen burners and beakers, you’re playing with words, designs, and timing to see what concoction gets the best reaction from your target audience. 

It involves sending out slightly different versions of your emails to see which one performs better. You’re playing detective, keeping a keen eye on key clues (a.k.a. metrics) such as:

  • Open rates: How many folks couldn’t resist peeping into your email?
  • Click-through rates: Who was intrigued enough by your teaser to take the plunge and click on your links?
  • Conversions: And the big one! How many went from curious clickers to proud participants or purchasers?

You can fine-tune your strategy to hit the bullseye every time by scrutinising these metrics. Testing is the magic ingredient that can turn “meh” into “wowza”! It’s about optimising your emails to get the best results. 

Split testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is the marketing world’s version of a head-to-head duel. You create two versions of your email (let’s call them A and B), which are identical except for one key variable you’re testing.

You might tinker with subject lines to see which makes your target audience eager to click open, adjust email content to find the perfect balance of informative and persuasive or experiment with layouts and images to grab attention. It might even mean sending emails at different times of the day or week to catch your audience when they’re most receptive, or including testimonials or telling a story to increase brand awareness. Perhaps changing the CTAs or call-to-action. There are so many options to hone your emails to a fine art.

The reason for sticking to just two variants is simplicity and clarity. By comparing only two versions, it’s easier to pinpoint exactly what caused the difference in performance. Adding more variables into the mix (say, A/B/C testing) complicates things, making it harder to attribute success to one particular change. 

A/B testing is like a controlled experiment where changing one variable at a time keeps your conclusions tidy and actionable. It’s the most straightforward way to improve email campaigns, one tested element at a time.

But here’s the thing: marketing is ever-changing, and what worked yesterday might not get you the moolah today. That’s why testing isn’t just for one-off adventures. You can offer to help clients with testing and either include a certain number of revisions in your project rate or charge an hourly fee for tweaking emails according to the metrics.

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The email copywriter’s mic drop

And that’s a wrap on our journey through email marketing wonderland. Armed with these insights, you can deliver personalised, engaging experiences that readers are excited to open. 

The bottom line for aspiring email copywriters? Keep it real, keep it relevant, and keep refining. Email lists are a goldmine of opportunity waiting to be tapped, so help your clients connect, convert, and captivate, and you’ll see your business and copywriting career grow!

Become an email copywriter and learn the skills to create great email copy. Explore the latest blog and become a master of inbox Influence with emails.


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